Punk Rocker Doll
Most Beautiful Chica that I Love and Adore...

Mr. T Experience ( Dr. Pepper )
You're the only one

You're the only one for me,
I tell you three or four times a day.
When you're with me i 'm happy,
I am lost and lonely when your away.
Every night i have to spend without you,
The sufferring grows ever more and more,
I wouldn't suffer like this for just anyone.
But you're the only i wanna suffer for.
You're the only one.
Now we've established something precious,
The chances are it could go away.
When we find out how weak the flesh is,
Shattered scattered hung out to dry, It'll all come out when it's discovered,
Clearer than the tear drop in my eye,
I don't want to get screwed by just anyone,
You're the only one i want to get screwed over by.
You're the only one.
My heart is a mess , yes its true,
I tried to fix it up, just for you,
Its not done yet, but it'll have to do OoOoo,
I know there are so many others out there,
That would like to get a chance at it too,
But if my heart is going to get broken anyway,
I'd rather have it get broken by you,
You'rethe only one,
You're the only one,
You're the only one,
-head bangs

Ama, this page is dedicated to you throughout my love and creativity. I will always love you throughout the thick and thin times that we have, that we're having. The night we met, i was so alone, i didn't think i could make it another day. You breathed life into my soul.

You made me realize who i was, what i wasn't. Maybe it was precocious thinking on both of our parts. Maybe we were being to mature for our own good. Maybe i was to entrapped in my own world to realize what was happening to me. I was scared of you, I've always been scared of you. You're so intelligent, charasmatic, charming, gorgeous, wonderful and just everything i've ever desired. We went through drastic changes throughout our relationship. Somethings i truly regret. I wish i could take back the hurt, the pain, the tears. I've always just wanted to be accepted by you. I never cared about anyone else but you. It's still the same exact way. I am Rob. There is no facade , nor a scapegoat to withhold my emotion or feelings from you.

I re-call the goodtimes, i remember the bad times. I remember those tears shed when we had to leave each others arms. Those soft wet kisses that were so passionate. Those gentle fingers touching my flesh, the heart that shocked my soul. I remember those long nights of wondering if i could just stay one more day, one more hour, one more minute, one last second. I remember being strong, holding back the tears. When i left, those tears fell down the flesh of my cold cheeks. The silent cry whispering from my lips. I remember the times when we laughed, we cried together. I remember those times i just wanted to give up. I remember those arguements. It's not what we said, it's what we didn't say. My apology is so sincere, so meaningful. What step can i take next in life; Why couldn't i of been so perfect. My thoughts pass over my emotion. My yearning desire to taste your lips one last time. To hold your slender body within my arms. To wrap my arms around you, to take away the cold. How my stomach burns, it burns with butterflies when we speak. I anticipate everyday that we would have together when we meet again. I anticipate our life together once again, reunited. Lost love couldn't express the way i feel for you.

I remember how i held you during the New Years altercation. How i was angry at my friends for letting you outside. How frightful i was for your safety, i vowed that would never happen again. I see violence, i shake my head. I am approached, i turn my cheek. I would only protect you, not myself. My words are gently whispered into the darkend sky. The cold damp air laying against the warm flesh that carresses my slender muscles. I only blink back the tears, wishing we were together as the stars stare down at our souls. My temper was short, i went off the handle, i wanted to collaspe on the ground, yet i elongated the arguement, trying to reiterate and prove a point that was never there. There is no point within me Ama. There is only a point of action that i will take. I proved to you that i love you throughout these weeks. I've changed drastically to where i know myself once again. I found what makes me happy, i found what makes me sad.

Remember this saying, " After these weeks together, life's too short to live without you" Why do you think i am trying to do everything i can. To own, to live by my word. To indulge you while you're miles away. To adore you at my lonely moments in life. I yearn to touch your soft cheek, lay my hand across the flesh, just awe. Complete and utter awe as i stare into your beautiful blue eyes. Watch your curls of your hair bounce with every soft movement you take. Just close your eyes, and hear my voice.. I whisper, "I Love You"......

Amanda Lynn, this page is dedicated to you. I miss you greatly. It burns me so much to be so far apart, wanting to be able to be there with you. I only hope we have the best of times from this day forward. I Love you dollbaby, I always will love you. I fell inlove with you long before i knew i did. I should've listened to my instinct. I failed. I Love you Ama, with all of my heart, soul, as passionate as one can get. I love you so dearly.

Love you as always Ama...

Rob, [Optiklenz]