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  • The purpose of this forum is to 'digest' current events of interest that affect the online underground and netizens in general. This includes coverage of general security issues, hacks, exploits, underground news and anything else I think is worthy of a look see. (remember i'm doing this for me, not you, the fact some people happen to get a kick/use out of it is of secondary importance).

    This list is NOT meant as a replacement for, nor to compete with, the likes of publications such as CuD or PHRACK or with news sites such as AntiOnline, the Hacker News Network (HNN) or mailing lists such as BUGTRAQ or ISN nor could any other 'digest' of this type do so.

    It -is- intended however, to compliment such material and provide a reference to those who follow the culture by keeping tabs on as many sources as possible and providing links to further info, its a labour of love and will be continued for as long as I feel like it, i'm not motivated by dollars or the illusion of fame, did you ever notice how the most famous/infamous hackers are the ones that get caught? there's a lot to be said for remaining just outside the circle. These are the cracking URls, These are the cracking texts, these are the cracking pages.

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    Its no secret now, every one is using Hackmail - NEW Hotmail Hacking Technique Made easy to recover lost passwords or HACKING into Hotmail email accounts.
    (for educational purposes only of course)
    i wish these other so called hotmail hackers would come to this site. They would cease their Ub3r status.
    ps. DO NOT fall for the old send your password to:
    or passrecover@hotmail ;its all bunk.

    BIOS Password and Locked Hard Disk Recovery

    Password Crackers, Inc. can recover your BIOS password on any desktop, laptop or notebook computer. Please read the detailed recovery information below.


    If your computer won’t boot without a password or you need a password to enter the computer set-up or change the settings, then you have a BIOS password set. BIOS is an acronym for basic input/output system. The BIOS is the basic instruction set that “teaches” the computer how to access disk drives, keyboard, display, etc. The BIOS is typically placed on a ROM chip in the computer, hence the term ROM BIOS. The ROM BIOS allows the computer to boot itself. The BIOS is required to boot the computer. Thus, if the BIOS is password protected, the computer will not boot (or you will not be able to enter or change the BIOS settings.)

    There are a number of different BIOS types, but most PC’s have a BIOS supplied by one of four companies: American Megatrends, Inc. (AMI), Award, Inc., Phoenix Technologies, Inc. or IBM. Award Software became part of Phoenix Technologies in September 1998 – their main website is the Phoenix Technologies site.

    Additional security features have been built into laptop computers. These can include a hard disk password and a more secure BIOS system.

    BIOS passwords can be set to require the password before booting the computer or to require the password only to enter and/or change the BIOS set-up (which might be required in order to upgrade the computer.)


    If you can boot the system, BIOS password recovery is usually easy. The first thing you will want to do is to use a BIOS password cracker to recover the actual password. There are a large number of BIOS password crackers available from a variety of sources. Some BIOS crackers only work with certain BIOS versions and some work better than others. You may have to try a number of crackers before you find one that works. We have listed a few sites where you can download free BIOS password crackers below:

    Christophe Grenier

    Eleventh Alliance


    Some BIOS’ have pre-installed backdoor passwords that enable access to the system if you have lost or forgotten your password. Attempting to regain access to the computer by using one of the following backdoor passwords should be your first step if you have lost or forgotten your BIOS password and cannot boot your computer. If you are able to regain access to your system by using a backdoor password, you can then use a password cracker to reveal the stored password or enter the BIOS setup to change the password. These backdoors are more likely to work on older desktop systems.

    At boot-up note the BIOS provider (Award, AMI, Phoenix, IBM, etc.)

    For Award BIOS’ try these backdoor passwords:

    LKWPETER syxz

    For AMI BIOS’ try these backdoor passwords:


    For PHOENIX BIOS’ try this backdoor password:


    These backdoor passwords have been provided to you free of charge. If you have attempted to use these backdoor passwords on a system (even just as a test), we would appreciate knowing whether these backdoors have worked for you. Please email us at with the BIOS ID number, whether or not the backdoor worked, and which backdoor worked. This information will help us assist others in the future. The AMI or Award BIOS ID appears at the bottom of the screen after power on.

    In BIOS’ with a release date of December 19, 1996 or later, Award required OEM customers to configure their own security default BIOS passwords using the Award MODBIN.EXE utility, version 4.50.60. If you are aware of any other backdoor BIOS passwords please let us know at (Email here)

    If you are unable to recover the password with a BIOS password cracker or a backdoor there may still be options available. However, we recommend that the additional work only be attempted by a qualified technician. Password Crackers, Inc. can provide BIOS password recovery services for any type of PC. See below.


    If you cannot boot the system without the BIOS password, then using a BIOS password cracker is not going to work (since you cannot run the program.) You should first try to attempt to gain access to the system by using the backdoor passwords listed above. If none of these work, Password Crackers, Inc. can provide a service to recover or reset your BIOS password for you. See below.


    Most laptop manufacturers have provided additional safeguards for their computers. We are not aware of any simple BIOS recovery program that works on laptops, nor are we aware of any simple backdoor passwords for these machines. Password Crackers, Inc. can provide BIOS password recovery services for any type of laptop or notebook. See below.


    Some laptops and other machines can provide a utility to software lock a hard disk with a password. These passwords are not the same as BIOS passwords. If you have a computer that will not boot because of a locked hard disk and you do not need the old hard disk, it will be less expensive to replace it than to recover it. Moving a locked hard disk to another machine will not unlock it. If you add a new hard disk to a machine with a hard disk lock set, the new hard disk will become locked. If you need the files on a locked hard disk, please contact us at (Email here).


    Please note that if you are trying to gain boot access to a computer in order to recover data or files from a hard disk in the computer, and the hard disk is not locked, you may be able to install the disk drive in another working computer and recover the data files on the disk. This may be less expensive than recovering the computer BIOS password. If you do not have another computer on which to perform this work or are not familiar with how to install and configure a hard disk in a computer, there are a number of data recovery companies that can perform this work for you. If the hard disk is locked, installing it on a new computer will not allow it to be accessed. It needs to be unlocked first.


    Password Crackers, Inc. can recover or remove BIOS passwords from all models or versions of PC desktops, laptops, and notebooks.
    If you would like us to recover your BIOS password for you, please complete the BIOS Password or Hard Disk Lock Recovery Service Request Form. We will send you detailed shipping instructions.

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