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Sami K. Hamza
7100 Kenny lane,
Fredericksburg, Va. 22407
OBJECTIVE: ( besides being a fuckhead )
To secure a position in a challenging environment which will utilize my analytic skills along with my training and work experience to provide relational database construction and support and web page construction, programming and support.
OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows 3.x and 95/98, DOS, Windows NT
LANGUAGES: HTML, JAVA SCRIPT. (I practically grew up with this kid )
APPLICATIONS: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Front Page, Lotus 1-2-3, PowerPoint, MS-Access, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Electronic mail Systems, Excel.
HARDWARE: IBM PCs and compatibles, Macintosh.
1999-2000 Hecht's, May Company. ( yes, I know, hecht's haha )
Responsibilities: ( getting drunk and chilling with me?
A selling associate, and customer service. ( or hitting on the girls, don't lie Sami.. )
Honored for exceptionally friendly service, and a selling star. ( Okay, thats homosexual )
Best Buy Inc. ( no comment )
Responsibilities: ( Must i reiterate? )
To assure the satisfaction of all customers, by making sure they get the best service available, and the right product. ( Now thats charming; If i was gay, i would be up in his -grill-.. )
Also was helped frequently in the computer technician area.
Achievements: ( Being a Slacker )
Top Team player award on the months of June, July of 1999.
Training: ( He's a dominatrix, watch out ladies )
Attended many training seminars for such companies as: Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Microsoft, Intel, and AMD. ( at least you're doing something bro, proud of you!)
1996-1997: Management Position in a family business running a gas station: 1 year.
EDUCATION: ( He learned Studism from me, He's fresh! )
1996-1998: Germana Community College.
1999-2000: completed courses from Information Technology ( Even i haven't done that yet, shit!. )
Advanced Training Corp. Certified in Internet development.

Finished working on a Project Life Cycle for designing an on line registration web page for ITAT. My duties were to design frames for the web page using HTML, and generating alerts using JAVA SCRIPT. Additional certificates include: Relational Database, Unix, Client Server fundamentals, HTML, Java Script, and windows98. Each Certificate included learning the basics of the subject and applying it in many on hand training.
LANGUAGES: ( Hm, Ebonics Count? hahaha )
Written and spoken fluency in Arabic, and English. He is bi lingual


New York, XXXXXX
Her Parents are Jews
She's a Virgin

Well, this is Ashumzz, much cuter than the last picture. She's sort of a mini me of myself. She's a soccer chicka, so you know she has nice legs. She's dating a 23 yr old male, at the age of 16. You know she has some style. She's very charismatic, charming, and sarcastic as fuck. She could out witt a brick if she wanted to.
She's truly a doll. I do believe she's from New York. I guess it's not all that bad. I've known her for a few months, she's like my little sister. She resides in the horrible Yahoo! Chat with the rest of the miserable fucking people. She just informed me her pictures are gone. In which i desperately wanted to show you what she looked like. Eventually i'll get one, so i can exploit her like the "ho" she is. haha. She's a doll, keep up the charm Ashumzz.
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Here is her Post from my web board;
October 18 2000 at 11:33 PM
Score 4.0 (1 person) Ash (no login)

I have been told to post on the web board, so here I am. I'm not entirely sure what to say. Very nice website, Robbie, congratulations. I'm proud of you(as usual).
Unfortunately, I don't have a good picture right now, so you'll have to wait..Heh(Good things come to those who wait). Ahem Oh, didn't you forget to add a few things to your lovely little description? Like, you know, my nickname is Satan, I'm entirely adorable(and conceited?), I'm always "PMSing"(Men just don't get the concept of my hatred for them, they always use the ol' PMS card...), and I'm just a bitch. Heh.
Make sure you keep me updated on your site, Hon. I'd love to see the "final product". Oh, by the way, on the projects page..should you post things like that? I mean can't someone steal your ideas that way? shrugs (I think I'm being over-concerned..) Love ya kiddo Mwa

- My commentary- Awe, isn't she the best, haha! She's my lil sister. Anyways here she is, in all her glory!