M3mbers Of El3ment 7

Member name: [Optiklenz]
Comput3r Programming: C", VC++, C++, Java scripting, Java, Fortran, Cobol, P.E.R.L, ASM.
Title: Computer security, Network Security, Compromising Microsoft's Products.
Position: Owner/President of Element 7
Objective: Pissing the world off
APPLICATIONS: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Front Page, Lotus 1-2-3, PowerPoint, MS-Access, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Electronic mail Systems, Excel.
Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows 95, 98, 98se, 2000k professional.
Age: I can't devulge that information
State: Virginia
Credentials: Infinity Computers, Your mother, Your sister, Your daughter.

Optiklenz and Beerlove (old picture)

Member name:Sami Hamza (beerlove)
Computer Programming: HTML, Java Scripting.
Title: Web Master, Computer Hardware personel
Position: Web Master, Hardware.
Objective: To secure a position in a challenging environment which will utilize my analytic skills along with my training and work experience to provide relational database construction and support and web page construction, programming and support.
APPLICATIONS: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Front Page, Lotus 1-2-3, PowerPoint, MS-Access, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Electronic mail Systems, Excel.
OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows 3.x and 95/98, DOS, Windows NT
Age: I can't devulge that information ( we're in our twenties )
State: Virginia
Credentials: He needs none, his skills speak for themselves.

Member Name: Lamezoid
Computer Programming: Extensive knowledge of C/C++, ASM, PASCAL, and Javascript Use of LISP, COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC(v), and Java
Title: He is what he wants to be.
Position: My mentor
Objective: To obtain a computer science related position with a company poised for the future
Operating Systems: Familiarity with most operating systems including Windows, DOS, Unix and most variants including micro distrobutions, and creation of unique operating systems.
Age: 25
State: Georgia, Atlanta
Credentials: The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth:
First Place Mathematics Award for SAT-M 800 Before Age 13 (1987)
STAR Award (Highest SAT score in intramural competition) ( 1993 )
Excellence in Mathematics Award (1992, 1993)
MENSA Award of Scientific Excellence (1992)
Georgia Honors Society Award for Electronics Achievement (1992)
Etc: Experience developing policies and procedures, function and technical specifications, enhancements to packaged software, and preparing code to specifications Network Administration, Analysis, Architecture design, Capacity planning, Configuration/Implementation, Security, and Diagnostics/Monitoring

Member Name:GraveDigga [tRu]
Computer Programming: PERL
Title: Computer Security Techician
Position: To advance his knowledge, he has potential.
Operating system: Windows NT
State: NewYork
Credentials: None
Etc: He's a partial newbie, he's coming around though. He does have potential.

Member Name: Jackass
Computer Programming:Html, C++, vb.
Title: Computer Nerd
Position: Being a fucknutt.
Operating Systems: Windows 9x, NT x, 95, 98, 2000k, Unix.
Age: 20
State: Nebraska
Websites hacked: 1 ( it deserved a hacking too, beastiality is so funny sometimes )
Credentials: His work speaks for itself.
Etc: He's a genius in his own rights

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