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RAMAVIVE is the direct creation from IPCHAINS. It's a creative parody that helps secure your internet connection from DoS ( Denial of Service ) attacks. I can't help but reiterate tenaciously about the common foul play of -script kiddies- and/or newbie hackers. They get a kick out of usage of malicious code, or programs premade to make your internet life miserable. This project is written in C, after installed, it attaches yourself to your win32 disk. The RAMAVIVE will have the hueristics mechanism that will help prevent Viruses, Virri, and some bugs. Trojans will immediately be seeked through hueristics of the program. It will also allow the TCP tranfers over simple programs such as ICQ, CheetaChat, Ychat, or whichever program you are using to send files. Most Firewalls do not allow the FTP option since it's a huge security risk. My opinion, blatantly idiotic. A Secure computer is a fun computer =o)... The RAMAVIVE issue will allow any packet to be dropped or soaked. They -attacker- wouldn't be able to access anything and they wouldn't receive anything about your PC through the internet but jibberish and jackshit. I will update you more once i finished my full article explaining how the Firewall is created and how it operates.

C" Programming

My friend came to me one day and gave me a(n) idea. Which we've worked on, not together, but tossing and capturing the creative ideaness of the Traffic, weather world.
Yes, it is a New Aged Concept!!
My friend and I have developed a new aged concept for those of you having trouble in the mornings, It's a bit trivial, but this is the best way that -I- can elaborate without tenaciously running around in circles with context letters. This is a concept we've developed over months of agonizing depths of thinking.
Basically, this is still an idea... It's an alarm clock that will dial into the internet an hour before it's supposed to wake you, and check the weather and traffic reports...if there's bad weather, or the traffic is bad, it'll wake you up earlier... We're coding in C...already have a hardware based implementation ( actual alarm clock with a USB connection to your box ) in hand...and the actual coding won't be *too* hard...mostly just a bunch of HTML parsing, as we're going to take advantage of free reporting services ( weather and traffic )...
Basically, ( using the ShellEx command in C++ via Open("Http:// ...")... etc ) it lets windows initiate a connection to the net...if the parsed HTML records fall above a certain threshold ( 2" of rain, for instance ), it'll send a signal to the USB device, which sends a radio frequency signal to the alarm clock ( so you don't have to sleep next to your box )...we'll code the proof of concept model in complete software.

Always looking for investors.

More projects to come